As the importance of protecting personal information is drawing nationwide interest recently, we acknowledge that protecting personal information obtained is our social responsibility given we offer services where we handle sensitive information such as accounting outsourcing, PMI, IPO consulting, internal control consulting, and interaction with clients’ auditor.
We declare that we will strive to protect personal information obtained by setting out the following privacy policy together with the protocol for protecting personal information while we have all the employees perceive the importance of protecting personal information and take necessary action to fulfill it.

  1. We will obtain any personal information only after providing you with a purpose of use. Personal information obtained are used to the extent necessary and will not be used for any other purposes. Therefore, necessary measures are in place.
  2. We will strictly adhere to data protection laws, regulations, guidance set out by the government, and all other norms applicable to any personal information we obtained.
  3. We will make sure to protect personal information obtained and never disclose or provide it to the third party without your consent. Moreover, all security measures are implemented to prevent leakage, loss or damage of personal information. In case any incident or accident occurs, we will implement measures to prevent a relapse of such incident or accident.
  4. We will respond swiftly to any inquires and complaints about personal information we possess following the prescribed protocol which stipulates how to receive and grapple with such inquires and complaints.
  5. We will continue to improve the management system adopted to protect personal information.

December 15, 2020
NISM Associates K.K.